Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our trip to Texas was long but lots of fun! I didn't do the best job of taking pictures while we were there so most of these are pretty random.
Jaysa wearing Kindra's wig. She is actually pretty cute with pink hair....
and pink clown lipstick. Jaysa and Breklyn LOVED playing makeup. They had a little spend the night and Jaysa came home looking like this! ha ha ha so cute!
Spend the night over at Aunt Kajsa's with Jaylie, Breklyn and Crew! Breklyn and Jaysa slept in the same bed and in the middle of the night Breklyn went into her mommy's room and said that she didn't want to sleep with Jaysa anymore. ha ha (I don't blame her. She is a WILD sleeper!!!) So they made a little bed for Breklyn on the floor. By this time Jaysa was up and Kajsa had to go put her back in Breklyn's bed. Jaysa asked Kajsa was afraid that if she left Jaysa would cry so she layed with her till she fell asleep. Kajsa said that she would try to get up to go back to her bed but Jaysa would always shoot up and say "Come on, stay with me" ha ha so Kajsa finally fell asleep in the bed with Jaysa. She said at one point she woke up and Jaysa was starring at her. Jaysa then gave her the Hook'em sign and laid right back down and went to bed. Ha ha we all thought it was pretty funny when Kajsa told us.
Paisley eating pancakes for breakfast. She has whipped cream on her nose.
Ryan took C.J. to go fishing with Ryan's buddy, Charlie.

We went to Chick fil a and they had this cow in the santa suit. Jaysa loved him but wouldn't go near him so I had to get in the picture with her.
Ha Ha this is a funny story. C.J. and I were sitting at Ryan and Brandilyn's house and we were all in the living room talking and all of the sudden C.J. goes "Dude, there's a mouse!" So we all go looking for it and the boys chase the mouse into the bathroom while Brandilyn and I find town to stuff at the bottom of the door so it can't get out. So Ryan and C.J. are in the bathroom with the mouse looking for it and me and Brandilyn are outside listening. All of the sudden we hear both of them start screaming like little girls. From the outside all Brandilyn and I can hear are things crashing and both the boys screaming in high pitched voices "there it is....get it.... AHHHHHHH" Brandilyn and I are laughing histerically outside the door because are husband are such babies. So finally everything falls silent and they open the door holding this bad boy. Ha Ha I love Ryan's face too.
The girls taking a bath...... such a typical Paisley face!
Me hold baby Briggs after he was blessed.

At the Park with Jaysa, Paisley, Breklyn, Jaylie and Crew
Miss Paisley loved swinging.
Crew and Koda!
C.J. and I went to Corpus Christi and stopped by the ocean while we were there!

:) C.J.'s stop taking pictures of me face. I was trying to figure out my camera
Helping Paisley open her presents

Jaysa opening her's

C.J. got a cool camo hat that has light on it so he can she at night
Jaysa loves it too!

Jaysa got her favorite movie, Cars!
Jaysa is finally brave enough to sit on the horse!
Blurry but such a goofy face!
Aunt kinda is feeding her whipped cream out of the can.... ha ha she loved it.
Worn out after a long day
Best budds

I don't know if I have talked about Mr. Baby Briggs on the blog just yet. Briggs is Ryan and Brandilyn's baby. He was born about 3 months ago. He has a hole in his heart and a"blockage" is what I am going to call it cause I don't know the medical term. He went in for heart surgery a few weeks after being born to attempt to repair his heart but the surgery was not as successful as the doctors had hoped. At 3 months old he weighs about 10 lbs. If he does not gain more weight soon the Dr.'s want to do an open heart surgery on him. Our hope is that he will begin to gain weight and that he will not need a second surgery.

Jaylie came home from the hospital yesterday and has finished her last round of chemo!!!!!! We are so happy she is finished and believe that in a few weeks she will start to feel normal again. The Dr.'s say that there is a 60% chance that the cancer will not come back. Her mom is doing a GREAT job of figuring out what sorts of things will help to reduce her chances of getting cancer in the future. We are so proud of you Jaylie!!!!!

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